Tourism Technology Asia 2016
20 - 21 July 2016
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

TTA Conference Programme


DAY 1: 20th July 2016



0800 – 0850


0850 - 0900  Guest to be seated 

0900 – 0925

Opening Ceremony Commence 
Welcome Address and Opening Speeches

0925 – 0935

Offical Launch

Session 1: Key technology trends that all hospitality professionals need to know

0935 – 1005 

Opening Keynote: Redefining Hospitality Technologies

Current or upcoming disruptive technological platforms have brought about and will continue to bring about significant change on how the industry operates and what its guests and clients expect. Hospitality professionals have to embrace these technologies to stay competitive.  How technologies can impact guests experience and increase ROI. 

  • Mr Raymond Dumanauw, VP of Technology and M.E.P Services at HPL Properties Pte Ltd

1005 – 1045

1005 – 1045

Coffee break and tour of exhibition for delegates

Tour of exhibition for guests followed by Refreshments at the VIP Lounge

1030 – 1055

Wearable Technology for Event Spaces

Find out how you can use wearable technology to improve guest experience – Technical trends and adaptation; Implementation and business cases; Skill Development and Investment Planning

1055 – 1120

Technology and the ‘User Experience’ - new challenges in the Hospitality sector

The hospitality owners and operators have a depth of experience in the design of inviting architectural spaces, creating tantalizing restaurant cuisines and applying high levels of service standards. However, the march of IT technology out of the back office and into the customer space has added “User Experience” or “UX” to the hospitality management lexicon. A satisfying UX requires consideration of where and when to deploy technology. More importantly is an understanding of where the introduction of technology would be appropriate or would enhance the UX. This talk will help the hospitality professional evaluate some of the existing and emerging technologies in terms of the needs of the hospitality market.

1120 – 1145

The New Reality

This session examines how virtual reality (VR), as a new storytelling platform, impacts not only entertainment and gaming, but affects the way we interact with each other and with brands.

1145 – 1210

Optimizing the MICE F&B Experience

Creating a MICE F&B model that is both sustainable and commercially viable

  • Mr Arun Madhok, Chief Executive Officer, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

1210 – 1235

 Using Robotics to increase Productivity in Operations

  • Mr Mathan Muthupillai, Chairman & Technical Director, Techmetics Solutions Pte Ltd

Session 2: Understanding your partners, clients and operations with big data analytics

1235 – 1300

Big Data,Smart Data, Small Data..Which Data?

As Leaders, scientists and companies are exploring ways to grapple with the huge volumes of data they are capturing to improve efficiencies, boost customer service and gain a competitive edge, there is no question that big data is big business. A November 2015 IDC forecast predicted that the big data technology and services market will grow to $48.6 Billion in 2019. The questions which are often raised and companies struggles with is “Where do we start, what skills are required and where should we focus.” The presentation will aim to address this core questions and provide insights into new technologies enabling the advancement to drive big data option.

  • Mr Richard Jones, Chief Growth Officer/Resident Advisor, Software Connectors Asia

1300 – 1400

Lunch break

1400 – 1425

Beyond Rooms: Improving Revenue Performance of Your Function Spaces

  • Building the right structure and processes that support function space revenue management
  • Accurately measure the revenue and profitability of displacement
  • Using RM data to drive strategies and decisions across the wider organization
  • Ms Rachel Grier, Managing Director Asia Pacific, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Session 3: Using technology as a unique selling point for event spaces

1425 – 1450

Re-Inventing Meetings and Working Spaces for Business Executives

Maximizing meeting space and hotel event space occupancy and reduce vacant meeting rooms during non-peak periods through last-minute small bookings with the help of technology.

  • Ms Sharon Lourdes Paul, We Are Spaces

1450 – 1515

The Secret to Reliable Technology-based Systems in Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms and Auditoria
Whether you are building a new facility, or refurbishing an existing; use of the latest Audio-Visual, IT, or Security equipment doesn't by any means guarantee acceptable user-experience nor reliability. Here in Asia, guest-complaints and draining of engineering resources, let alone the pressure on the GM and her/his Team, are all too evident. This session addresses the practicalities of actually reaching the goal of installing simple-to-use, intuitive, and reliable systems.

  • Mr Ian Harris, Principal Consultant, Managing Director, ihD Ltd 

1515 – 1540

Some ideas for Hotel AV Systems

Audio Visual systems has evolved a great deal in the last 10 years, from traditional analogue systems to Digital, Network and wireless. This topic will cover what are the systems that is typically installed in a hotel and what to look for in the coming future with the evolution of AV Technology.

  • Mr Adrian Lim - iHD Ltd, Hong Kong

1540 – 1600

Tea Break and Networking

1600 – 1630

Panel discussion:  Installations in hospitality event spaces (Ballrooms, Meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, etc)

Panelist: Mr Ian Harris (iHD Ltd HK), Mr Daniel Loh (The Star) + Mr Raymond Matyas (Marina Bay Sands)

Moderator: Mr Thomas Richard, Publisher/Managing Director – Spinworks Pte Ltd


1630 – 1640

Closing Remarks


End of Day 1 Conference

DAY 2:  21st July 2016



0830 - 0900


Session 1: Building a relationship with meeting planners with the help of technology

0900 – 0925


Using Big Data Technology to Create a Personalized Experience for Event Planners and MICE Guests

Fully utilizing big data to keep Event Planners and MICE Guests coming back by creating a memorable experience.

0925 – 0950

Panel Discussion addressing pain points, expectations, and solutions from an Event Planner’s point of view

Panelist: Janet Tan, CEO East West Planners; Ms Deanna Varga, Asst Director Commercial & Visitors Services of the Australia National Maritime Museum

Moderator:  Mr El Kwang, Publisher Biz Events Asia

Session 2: Connectivity and Security

 0950 – 1015

Opportunities in the Internet of Things Driven Tourism Industry
The Internet of Things (IoT) offers tremendous opportunities for the tourism industry. This session will cover briefly the challenges faced by the tourism industry today, with emphasis on the opportunities for businesses in the IoT driven tourism industry.

  • Dr Tang Pak Kay, Scientist, Productivity Department, Institute for Infocomm Research, Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR)

1015 – 1040

Tea Break and Networking

1040 – 1105


Digitization and Disruption in the Hospitality Industry

  • New Disruptors in the Top 500
  • Using IoT & Digitization in order to be a Disruptor
  • New Business model to attract your customers
  • Mr Han Tiong Law, Director APJ - CISCO

1105 – 1130

Panel Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Ethernet and GPON

This panel discussion will address the pain points/challenges and the importance and benefits of faster internet connection, debating GPON's strength and limitations, in the quest of satiating the guests’ appetite for better connectivity and richer content.

Panelist: Mr Han Tiong Law, Director APJ CISCO, Mr Raymond Dumanauw, VP of Technology and M.E.P Services at HPL Properties Pte Ltd + Hotel (proposed Shangri La Hotel)

1130 – 1155

Managing Cyber Security & Compliance in the Services Industry

As the world becomes more connected and digital, consumers want to be online when they are abroad, and have come to expect connectivity from service providers everywhere. In addition, the services industry continues to handle and manage ever increasing amounts of potentially private information regarding their customers or contacts in order to given them a competitive edge.  This presentation will focus on the essential threats to cyber security and privacy compliance in the services industry and what are the steps to take to ensure protection, both to customers and businesses.

  • Mr John Lim, CISA CISM CGEIT CRISC, President, ISACA Singapore Chapter

End of Conference Day 2


*Speakers subjected to change

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