Tourism Technology Asia 2016
20 - 21 July 2016
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Smart Hospitality Technologies Showcase

Location of showcase:  Hall C

The rapid advancement in digital technology presents new opportunities for the hospitality and tourism industries to engage and excite tourists. The Hospitality and Tourism Technology Showcase will feature technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Integrated Digital Marketing and Social Media solutions, as well as solutions to help stakeholders enhance productivity. These solutions serve to complement existing attractions and activities, while providing valuable data-driven insights for stakeholders to design and create next campaigns/ attractions.

Technologies shown during the showcase:

1. Clothing360 (AYNE Pte Ltd)

The Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology allows tourists to see themselves in different costumes and traditional clothes (e.g. Malay, Indian, Chinese, etc) without need to exchange their clothes. They can try all these clothes virtually, take pictures, and share them with their friends, bringing engagement to tourists via Virtual Reality.

2. SMART Digital Marketing Automation (MDZ Marketing Pte Ltd)

The SMART Digital Marketing Service (SDMS) platform empowers marketers to design, automate, and optimize data-driven campaigns that generate excellent engagement, increase business value through greater customer conversions, and measurable return on integrated marketing investment across Email, Web and Social channels.

3. Restroom Visitilizer (Convergent Engineering Pte Ltd)

The restroom visitilizer is a people counting and odour detection system that sends SMS alert to janitors when a pre-determined number of people or odour level has been reached. This enables the cleaning companies to deploy janitors to restrooms on demand and improves productivity. It has been deployed at various tourist attractions and malls in Singapore.

4. SnapARise (Knorex Pte Ltd)

SnapARise easy to use platform consisting of a mobile application and a web based portal. The mobile application provides convenient and quick access to Augmented Reality information via an image. Simply take a picture with your smart mobile devices and multimedia information (video, audio, Web links) can be presented to the user. The Web based portal allows you to create your own mobile applications in a few minutes.

5. Express Hotel Self-Check Kiosk (AIT Technologies Pte Ltd)

AIT Technologies (AIT) provides Automated Interactive and Self-service products across many sectors. The unmanned Digital Intelligent (DIQ) Hotel Self-Check Kiosk is one of the company latest innovations. The kiosk facilitates simple, fast and seamless Check-in for Hotel’s guest, yet ensuring security & authentication of travel documents/ID and guest, processes the payment and issue room access card/key altogether. The kiosk was 1st to approve by Hotel License Board (HLB) and had implemented in Singapore

6. Intelli-Signage (Anewtech Systems Pte Ltd)

Intelli-Signage enhances the content management and digital media distribution systems of digital images, video streaming media using the cloud for remote management and data analytics reporting.  Intelli-signage uses the capability of facial recognition technology to perform video analysis algorithms of the audience watching the digital advertisement to detect their gender, age and even mood and provide the advertisers a platform to stream precise marketing and promotional campaign to the right audience at the right time and also provide business owners with statistics and report of their digital marketing campaign.

7. Customers Feedback and Survey Systems (Anewtech Systems Pte Ltd)

Customers feedback and survey solution provide a tool for business owners and retailers to obtain feedback from their customers so that this can be used to improve their service quality and results in success customers’ retainer ship and loyalties program. It provides a platform to analyse quality of counter service, facilities’ service and at the same time it can also be used to provide services or a need to requirement rather than pre plan services.

8. Limelight Plus (Kooki Pte Ltd)

Kooki is an I²R - A*STAR spin-off company. Limelight Plus, which is one of Kooki's products, is a media sensing tool. It uncovers valuable business insights from multiple sources of data including various social media channels and online news.