Tourism Technology Asia 2016
20 - 21 July 2016
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Super Smart Interactive Light System for Spectators

21st July: 1500hrs – 1550hrs @ Innovation Theatre Room C

Theme: To show how light system interacts with music and spectators

ENJOY interactive light system is the world’s only light system for spectators. Now almost all the light technology focuses on the stage or studio. We seldom see lights for spectators. It really deserves our great effort on it.

Hear from Ada Chen, G.M and CO-founder of ENJOY Tech, who has focused on wireless interactive technology for 15 years. In her opinion, light should not only for stage but also for audiences down stage. Ms Chen will bring this wearable, programmable, intelligent and interactive lighting system with her. Everyone there can share the special experience of being involved in a concert/event.

Her topics include:

  • Is there a lighting system which can involve the audience and make them part of the concert/event? And, turn all the audience seats into a LIVE LED screen and display a 200M*300M HUGE images/videos in a stadium?
  • What is lighting solution for audiences?
  • How to interact with audience via controllable light?
  • How to make music visible?
  • How to make the HUGE and LIVE image and video?
  • Bright future of this new technology

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