Tourism Technology Asia 2016
20 - 21 July 2016
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Exhibiting companies/Brands/Country

Booth No.  Exhibiting Companies Brands Country
P07 Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR)   Singapore
C109 Ace:Daytons Direct (International) Pte Ltd   Singapore 
P07 AIT Technologies Pte Ltd  Express Hotel Self-Check Kiosk  Singapore
P07 Anewtech Systems Pte Ltd  Intelli-Signage  Singapore
B103  Audio Light Asia Pte Ltd    Singapore
    ELC Switzerland 
    GreenGo Switzerland 
    Jands Australia
    Madrix  Germany 
    Sunlite  France 
    Teclumen Italy 
A105 AV-Science Marketing Pte Ltd    Singapore 
F112 AVL Times AVL times Singapore
P07C AYNE Pte Ltd  VTO2  Singapore
C207 Comms Synergy Pte Ltd    Singapore 
P07 Convergent Engineering Pte Ltd  Restroom Visitilizer  Singapore 
F203  Cognic Systems Pvt Ltd  Cognic System  India
C202 d&b audiotechnik Asia Pacific Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    D&B Audiotechnik  Germany 
C110 DigiMagic Communications Pte Ltd    Singapore
P35  Dixin Electronics Co. Ltd   China
B101 Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd    Singapore
    Allen and Health  UK 
    Apex  Belgium 
    Ashly  USA
    Clear-Com  USA
    Dolby USA
    EAW  USA
    Furman USA
    Mackie  USA
    Neutrik Germany 
    Powersoft  Germany 
    Rational Acoustics USA
    Shure  USA
    Symetrix USA
    Tascam  USA
F204  Elitecore Technologies Pvt Ltd    India
C205 Enjoy Interactive Light System    China 
C206 E-Novate Pte Ltd    Singapore 
P37 Foshan Huanteng Electronics Co., Ltd  Huanteng Intelligent VOD  China 
    TEAC  Japan
    CB-Acoustic China 
B105 GECKO Music (Singapore) Pte Ltd  GECKO Singapore
E103  Guangzhou Aiweidy Lighting Equipment Co. Ltd   China
P33 Guangzhou Chuangtian Audio Equipment Co. Ltd  CT Audio  China
E108 Guangzhou GTD Truss Ltd GTD Stage China
    GTD Truss  China
F101 Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Co., Ltd  LAX China 
    Behringer China 
    RF China 
    KS Audio China 
A101/103  Harman International Harman  USA
  Martin Professional Pte Ltd Martin Professional Singapore
  AMX Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Enova® DGX  USA
    Enova DVX  USA
    Epica DGX  USA
    DXLink™ USA
    HydraPort®  USA
    Solecis  USA
    Vision²  USA
    Inspired XPert  USA
    RoomBook  USA
    Modero X®  USA
    Modero S USA
    Massio  USA
    Novara USA
    Metreau  USA
    NetLink NX USA
    ICSLan  USA
    RPM  USA
    RMS  USA
P11 IDeaS Revenue Solutions    USA
F110 InAVate Asia Pacific    Singapore 
    InAVate UK
F200 IndoThai Travels (DigitalOne)    Thailand 
F202 Infocus Technologies Pvt Ltd    India
C106 JD Acoustic Pte Ltd    Singapore
    Fabric Mate  USA
    ODEON  Denmark 
    Quietrock  USA
    Studio Bricks  Spain
    Vicoustic  Portugal
P07 Knorex Pte Ltd  SnapARise  Singapore
P07 Kooki Pte Ltd  Limelight Plus  Singapore
B106 Lighting & Sound Distribution    Singapore
    Antari Taiwan 
    Fenix  Spain
    LSC Lighting System  Australia
    Magifx  Netherlands 
    Robe  Czech Republic 
    Smoke Factory  Germany 
    Swisson Switzerland 
C203 Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd    Singapore 
P07G MDZ Marketing Pte Ltd  SMART Digital Marketing Automation  Singapore
F111 Mondiale Publishing  Mondo UK
A107 OneCircle LLP  Outline  Singapore 
  Outline  Outline  Italy
C105 Paclin Office Products Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    EasyLobby  USA
    Magicard UK 
    Unibind Belgium 
P20 Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific    Singapore 
C101 Prism Dynamics Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    Analog Way  France 
    Avenview UK 
    Clock Audio  UK 
    Datapath UK 
    Digital Projection  UK 
    Oray France 
    Spinetix  Switzerland 
    Wolfvision  Austria 
F113 Blank Canvas Publishing  Pro Audio Asia  UK 
F201 Pro-Toy Co., Ltd   Thailand 
D103 RFK Solution Pte Ltd    Singapore 
C103 Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS)    Singapore 
D101 SandPiper Digital Payments Asia Pte Ltd  SandPiper Asia  Singapore 
G103  Shenzhen Lightlink Display Technology Co., Ltd    China 
P01 Shin Taiyou Technology Pte Ltd ARTEC300 Spain
    DAS Line Array  Spain
    Vantec  Spain
P01 Sindo Exports Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    MYMIX Network Audio USA
    MYMIX Personal Monitor  USA
    QSC E series  USA
    QSC Touchmix  USA
F205 Software Startups Association Perfumery  India
    Superwave Infrasys India
    Trinity AL LA Mode  India
    Vitalwires India
    Xeryus Retail  India
F205 Oranda Global    India 
F205 ITV Computers Ptv Ltd    India 
F109 Spinsworkz Pte Ltd System Integration Asia  Singapore
    Entertainment Technology Asia  Singapore
P05 Swee Lee Holdings Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    Data Modul  Germany 
    Epson  Singapore 
    Roland  Japan 
P03 Titus BPO Pte Ltd   Singapore 
C208 TMB    USA 
    ProPlex  USA
    Solaris USA
    Firefly Australia 
    IMS (Intelligent Marquee Lighting Systems) USA
D108 Total Solution Marketing Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    Avolites  UK 
    Ayrton  France 
    JB Lighting  Germany 
    Le Maitre  UK 
    Philips Vari-lite  USA
    Robert Juliat  France 
    SGM Light  Denmark 
F108 Trade Link Media Pte Ltd  LAVA Singapore
D102 Tripleplay Services Asia Pte Ltd    Singapore 
C108 V Werke Pte Ltd    Singapore 
    Control 4  USA
    Lutron  USA
    TruAudio  USA
G101 WorldShow    China 
P01 XC Lighting Pte Ltd   Singapore 
    Barco Belgium